SGGS Angg 534.

Raag Devgandhaaree M.5.

A jeev isteri joyfully exclaims she was blessed to see the Lord. She finds the Fascinating Lord is the Loftiest, Highest of the High; No one is equal to Him, I have made extensive searches everywhere.

“Mai pekhiyo ri uchaa Mohan sabh te uchaa; aan na samsar kouu laagey dhundh rahe ham muchaa” (rahao)

He is utterly Infinite, exceedingly Great, Deep and Unfathomable. He is Lofty beyond reach; He cannot be weighed, His Value cannot be estimated; How can this Enticer of the mind be obtained?

“Baho beantt att badho gahro thaah nahi aghoocha; tohl na tohliye mohl na mohliye katt paiye man ruchaa”

Millions search for Him by various disciplines but without the Guru none can find Him; Nanak says the Master has been Kind to him. Meeting the Saints (Guru), I have tasted the Divine relish.

“Khoj asankha anik tapantha bin Gur nahi pahuncha; Kaho Nanak kirpa kari Thakur mil Sadhu rass bhuncha”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Devgandhaaree