SGGS Angg 1098.

Raag Maru – Pauri no. 12 Maru Ki Vaar M.5

A Sikh pleads with his Guru to Unite him with God. Please put me on the right path. The pauri has 8 lines. The plea by the Sikh is in the first four lines. The Guru answers in the final four lines.

The Sikh begins.

My mind yearns for His blessed Vision. How can I get His Darshan?; (I know) I will get hundreds of thousands of blessings were my Master to call me even for an instant; I have searched in all four corners (of the world) and realize, none is as Great as You, Lord; show me the Path O Saints (Guru Ji), to Union with God.

“Mann lochay Har milan ko kyo Darshan paaieya; mai lakh vitrhay Sahiba je bindh bulaaieya; mai charey kunda bhaaliyan Tudh jewad na Saaiyan; mai dasiho marag Santho kyo Prabhu milaaieya.”

The Guru Advises and answers.

Dedicate your mind to Him, renounce your ego, that is the Path to take; join the Sadhsanggat and serve the Lord daily; all your hopes will be fulfilled as the Guru ushers you to the Lord’s Palace (avastha rises to Daswa Dwar with Gur Parsad); and you shall exclaim “I cannot conceive of anyone as Great as You my Friend and Master.”

“Mann arpiyoh haumai tajho eit panth julaaieya; nit sevho Sahib apna satsang milaaieya ; sabhe aasa puriya Gur Mahal bulaaieya ; tudh jevadh avar na sujjaiyee mere Mitar Gosainya.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Maru