SGGS Angg 486.

Raag Assa – Bhagat Ravidas Ji.

Bhagat Ji speaks adoringly about His Sharan and Satsangat. It elevates and exalts you.

Bhagat Ji starts by saying I am like a common castor oil plant whilst You are like the Valuable Sweet Smelling Sandalwood. From a lowly shrub I have become exalted and Your exquisite Fragrance permeates me now.

“Tum Chandan ham irendd bapurey sang tumare basaa; neech rukh te uchh bhaye hai gandh sogundh nivasaa”

O Lord, Your Blessed Sanctuary and Your Satsangat; I am without merit – You are so Benevolent.

“Madho Satsangat Sharan Tumaree; ham avgunn Tum upkaree” (rahao).

You are White and Yellow Threads of Silk while I am but a mere worm; I keep getting attracted to Your Satsangat just as the bee flies for honey.

“Tum makhtool supedh sapiyal ham bapre jas kiraa; Satsangat mil rehiye Madho jaisey madap makheera”

My social class is low,my ancestry is low and my birth is low as well; Ravidas the cobbler says I feel I have failed to adequately serve the All Pervading Lord.

“Jati osha pati osha osha janam hamara; Raja Ram ki sev na keeni kahe Ravidas chamara”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Assa