SGGS Angg 323

Raag Gauri Bhagat Kabir Ji.

Bhagat Ji tells us about thirst. No matter how much we drink any water of the world, it does not quench our inner thirst. On a body level, the water certainly helps to restore our tissues and quench our body thirst. (Our bodies are close to 70% water. Brain and heart 73%, lungs 83%, muscles and kidneys 79%, skin 64%. Even the bones have 31% water. The earth’s surface is about 71% water. Gurbani tells us “jo brahmandey soyee pinday”, whatever is outside is within our bodies too, albeit in miniscule form).

But on a spiritual plane, my thirst is for an entirely different Water. The Water of Your Amrit Naam.

O Lord, my thirst for the Water of Your Name will not go away; the fire of my thirst burns even more brightly in that Water  (I thirst for more and more Naam – Naam is Infinite).

“Madho jall ki pyaas na jaaye; jall me aggan uthee adhakaye.”( rahao).

You are the Ocean (Treasure) of Water and I am a mere fish in that Water; in that Water, I live, without that Water, I would perish.

“Tu Jalnidh hao jall ka meen ; jall me raho jaleh bin kheen.”

You are the Cage and I am Your parrot in It; what can the cat of death do to me?.

“Tu pinjar hao suuata tor; jamm manjaar kaha kare mor.”

You are the Tree and I am a bird on It; I am so unfortunate, I have not got Your Darshan yet.

“Tu Tarvar hao pankhi aahe ; mandbhagee Tero Darshan naahe.”

You are the Satgur ( Shabad) and I, Your ever fresh disciple; Kabir says, Lord please meet me. This is my final chance.

“Tu Satgur hao nautan chela ; kahe Kabir milh antt ki bela.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan is available on YouTube

Raag Gauree