SGGS Angg 1158.
Raag Bhairo – Bhagat Kabeer Ji.

Kabir Ji speaks about hypocrisy and outward show on the path of prayer.
Many think that by applying a tikka, a ceremonial mark on the forehead, holding a rosary in the hands, and to wear a bana, some religious garb they have achieved spirituality. Kabir Ji says to do such is to behave as if God is a play-thing, a trifle.

“Maathe tilak hath maala bana ; logan Ram khilauna jaana”.

In the rahao Bhagat speaks to God. God, if I am insane, I am still Yours ; how can people know my inner mystrey,?

“Jao hao baura tao Ram tora ; logh maram keh jaane mora”( rahao).

I do not pick leaves as offerings nor do I worship idols ; without devotional worship to God all other service is useless.

“Toro na pati pujho na deva ; Ram bhagat bin nihfall sewa”

What I do is I adore my Satguru( Shabad) and I surrender myself to Him forever ; with such service I find peace at God’s Court.

“Satgur pujo sada sada manaavho ; aisi sev Dargeh sukh pavho”

(Looking at my conduct), people say I am mad ; in Truth, only the Lord knows the secret of Kabir.( i.e. Kabir Ji is not mad but a diwana of God).

The tikakaars say Bhagat Kabir describes the jivatma in this Shabad.

We are so used to describing things in terms of physical attributes. But Bhagat Ji is describing the jeev which cannot be seen by physical eyes.

Bhagat Ji uses negatives i.e. He says the jivatma is not a human being nor a devta. Neither a celibate nor a worshipper of Shiva.

Not a yogi; not a recluse. The jiv has neither a mother nor is it anybody’s son.

After negating many more possibilities about the jiv, Bhagat ji concludes by saying
“Gur parsad mai dagro paaya”

Through gur parsad I found the true path (which tells me the secrets of this jiv).
With that enlightenment my.

“janam maran dovu mitvaya”.

Kabir Ji says the jiv is “Ram ki anns” i.e the jiv is a spark which is of the same essence as the Lord.

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Maathe Tilak Hath Maala bana