SGGS Angg 857.

Raag Bilaaval (Bilawal)  -Bhagat Kabir Ji.

Bhagat Ji tells us about that humble being who relies only on Naam, and keeps himself safe from the onslaughts of maya. His love for Naam/God brings Infinite blessings.

That humble one who enshrines the Lotus Feet (Bani) of the Lord in his heart, how can he ever waver (from Your Path)?; such a one who lovingly, naturally recites Your Praises, know that all comforts and the nine treasures (all spiritual wealth), come to him.

“Charan Kamal ja ke ridhay bassay so jan keyo dollay Dev (“Dev” here refers to God, not any devi deva); maano sabh sukh nao nidh ta ke sahaj sahaj jass bollay Dev.” (rahao).

Such wisdom comes only when You untie the knot of hypocrisy, and one then sees the Lord in all; again and again he checks himself from maya, and weighs his actions using the scales of his mind.

“Tabh eh matt jao sabh me pekhay kuttal gaanth jabh kholay Dev; barung baar maya te atkay leh narja mann tollay Dev.”

Wherever he goes, he finds peace and maya does not embroil him at all; Kabir says, my mind was appeased as I enshrined love for the Divine Lord.

“Jeh oh jaaye tahee sukh paavhe maya taas na jholay Dev; kahe Kabir mera mann maaniya Raam preet kiyo leh Dev.”

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Raag Bilaaval