SGGS Angg 1349.

Raag Parbhati Bhagat Kabir Ji.

Bhagat Ji tells us about the beginnings of Creation, Naam, His Hukam, and some aspects of God.

First Allah created the Light (Jote), then by His Creative Power, He created all mortal beings; from that One Light the entire Universe welled up; (since all manifested from the same Light), how can we judge who is good and who is bad?

“Aval Allah Noor upaieya Kudrat ke sabh bandey; Ek Noor the sabh jag upjeiya kaun bhaley kaun mandey.”

O people of the world do not wander about under doubts and misconceptions; all Creation (Khaleek), is in the Creator, (Khalkk), and the Creator is in all Creation, perfectly permeating and pervading all spaces.

“Loga bharam na bhulo bhai; Khaleek Khalkk Khalkk me Khaleek, pur rehiyo sarab thayee.”(rahao).

He took the same clay and the Fashioner fashioned it in many ways; there is nothing lacking in the pots of clay, nor is there anything lacking in the (Divine) Potter.

“Matti Ek bhaant kar sajee Sajanharey; na kach poch matti ke bhandey na poch Kumbarey.”

The One True (Imperishable) Lord abides in all; by His making everything is made; whoever realises His Hukam knows the One Lord; such a person alone is truly the Lord’s slave.

“Sabh me Sacha Eko soyee Tis ka keeya sabh kich hoyee; Hukam pechaney so Eko jaaney banda kehiye soyee.”

Allah is Indescribable and is beyond fathom (but), the Guru gave me sweet molasses (Naam, Bani, Shabads); Kabir says my doubts and anxieties disappeared and I saw the Immaculate Pure Lord pervading everywhere.

“Allah Alakh na jaaiye lekhiya Gur Gurh dinna meetha; Kaho Kabir mera sanka nasee sarab Niranjan deetha.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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