SGGS Angg 356

Raag Assa M.1.

The Shabad starts with a jeev isteri asking. How can I ever be dear to my Husband ?

She says I am not stained by just one sin which can be washed away by virtue.
“Ek na bhariyan gun kar dhova”

Moreover my Beloved is eternally awake while I am spiritually asleep through the nighttime of my life.
“Mera Saho jagge hao nis bhar sovan”

Exhausted she asks
“Eio kyo Kant pyari hovan; mera Saho jagge hao nis bhar sovan”(rahao).

This Shabad is rather unique as it has 4 rahaos. The 4 rahaos show her avastha changing and she slowly progresses spiritually as enlightenment sets in.

In the first rahao she is full of misgivings.

In the 2nd rahao she says,
“Kya jaana kya hoega ri mayee: Har darshan bin rehan na jayee”(rahao)

She desires Darshan but is unsure of what lies ahead in her spiritual path. There will be challenges. Can she stay the course and endure the unendurable?

In the 3rd rahao she says
“Aaje so jaago aas pyasee: bheile udasee raho nirasee”

She is now “jaago,” i.e aware of her life’s purpose. She is “udasee”- detached and “nirasee” – without any worldly desires.

The translation on the net which says
she is depressed and has no hope at all is wrong.

In the 4th and final rahao, she realises that she must shed her ego.
“Haumai khoye kare shingaar: tao kaaman sejay ravey Bhataar”

Besides her ego she has to shed her self conceit before the merger can happen.
“Chodh vadaee apne Khasam samaave”(rahao)

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Kya jaana kya hoega ri mayee: Har darshan bin rehan na jayee