SGGS Angg 700

Raag Jaithshree (Jaitsree) M.5

Guru Ji tells us all the relationships and friendships we hold so dear, are very short lasting. Only Naam is your True Friend here and hereafter. But a rare one understands this.

Guru Ji poses a question. Does anyone know who is our True Friend in this world?; it is a rare person who is blessed with this insight by the Lord. Such a person leads an immaculate lifestyle.

“Koyee jaane eiha jag meet; jis hoye kirpaal soyee bidh bukhe ta ki nirmal reet.”(rahao).

Mother, father, spouse, children, lovers, friends and siblings meet, having some connection from previous lives but none are of any help at the end.

“Maat pita banita sut bandap isst meet aur bhai; purab janam ke milhe sanjogi anteh ko na sahayee.”

Pearl necklaces, gold, rubies and diamonds, may please the mind, but they are all perishable (maya); one suffers much agony to get all these, but they give no contentment.

“Mukatt maal kanak laal heera mann ranjan ki maya; ha ha kartt bihanee avdeh ta mai santokh na paaya.”

One may have elephants, chariots, horses as fast as the wind, wealth, land, and armies of four kinds ( land troops, cavalry, seamen, snipers), none of these will go with him. He must get up and depart naked.

“Hastt rath assav pavan tejh dhanee, bhumann chaturangaa; sang na chaliyo ein me kachuve uthh sidaieyo naanga.”

What should one do then?.

Guru Ji says, the Lord’s Saints are lovers of their Beloved. Sing the Praises of the Lord in their company; Nanak says, in the society of the Saints (Sadhsanggat), you shall find peace in this world, and your face shall be radiant hereafter.

“Har ke Sant Pria Pritam Prabh ke ta ke Har Har gaaiyeh; Nanak eiha sukh aggey mukh ujjal sang Santan ke paaiyeh.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shahad Kirtan available on YouTube

Koyee jaane eiha jag meet; jis hoye kirpaal soyee bidh bukhe ta ki nirmal reet