SGGS Angg 882

Raag Raamkali M.5

A Sikh goes into deep introspection and expresses his thoughts guided by the Guru (Shabad).

Gurbani tells us we must acquire gunn – attributes of God, which are bestowed by the Satguru, as you take to Naam.

But having gunn is not enough. As you strive for Merger, you must plead for His Grace. He gives His Grace entirely at His discretion, in His Will, and one cannot ever say He gave His Grace because of the gunn in me. (that would be haumai).

Thus, the first line of this Shabad pleads for His Grace and Mercy, and says, please do not consider my merits (gunn) and demerits (avgunn).

“Kirpa karo deen ke Datey mera gunn avgunn na bicharo koyee.”

It is pointless to try to wash clean clay (the body), but that is the nature of humans (to focus on cleansing the external body).

“Matti ka kya dhopay Suami maanas ki gatt ehee.”

The focus should be on serving the Satgur (Shabad), and you shall find true peace; you will get whatever reward you desire, and you shall not be afflicted by pain any longer.

“Mere mann Satgur sev sukh hoyee; jo eisho soyee falh paavho firr dukh na viappey koyee.”(Rahao).

The Sikh now goes into further deep reflection, and recalls what his Guru has taught him.

He creates and fashions the unbaked earthen vessels (bodies), and infuses His Divine Light in them; as is the destiny pre ordained by the Creator (based on our past karmas), so are the deeds we do.

“Kaache bhanday saaj nivajey antar Jote samaiyee; jaisa likhat likhiya Dhur Kartey ham taisee kirat kamaiyee.”

I believed the mind and body belonged to me, that was the cause of my coming and going in reincarnation; I did not cherish the Creator who gave me all these. I was blind and entangled in emotional attachment.

“Mann tann thaap kiya sabh apna eho aavan jaana; jin deeya Tis cheet na aave moh andh laptaana.”

One who realizes that God created him, reaches the Incomparable Mansion of the Lord (Daswa Dwar); Nanak is Your slave, and I engage in devotional worship, singing Your Praises.

“Jinn keeya soyee Prabh jaane Har ka Mahal Apaara; bhagat kari Har ke gunn gaavha Nanak daas Tumaara.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Raamkali