SGGS Angg 1329.

Raag Parbhati M.1

In Raag Parbhati, Guru Nanak Dev Ji has 17 Chaupadas.

In three Chaupadas Guru Ji tells us about “distt bikari”, (Chaupada 7), the need for “ulti nadar pagasee” ( Chaupada 8), and says one who ties up his evil gaze of coveting maya is praiseworthy “distt bikari bandhan bandhe hao tis ke balh jayee”  (Chaupada 9).

In the final Chaupada (17th), the dishti of the blessed gurmukh now focuses inwardly on the Shabad “Ek Shabad liv laave”, and “Niralamb Nirhaar Nihkewal Nirbhao tarhi laave”, and his mind is now restrained from wandering outwards ” bahar jaato thaak rahave gurmukh sahaj samaave.”

In this Shabad, Chaupada 7, Guru Ji tells us about the blessed Sikh who receives Gur Parsad. Although he has been blessed with Gur Parsad, such a Sikh further asks for Naam. There can never be any time where there is enough Naam, as Naam is Infinite.

He is blessed with Guru’s Grace and reflects upon Spiritual Knowledge, as he reads and recites more (Spiritual Knowledge – Bani), he receives greater honor; He manifests Himself within the inner being of the Sikh, and he (the Sikh) receives Amrit Naam.

“Gur Parsadi vidiya vicharey parh parh paave maan; aapa madhe Aap pargaseya paaya Amrit Naam.”

(Such a Sikh addresses God and says) O Creator Lord only You are my Benefactor; I beg of this one blessing from You, please bless me with Your Name ( Attributes).

“Karta Tu mera Jajhmaan; Eik Dakhna hao Teh pe mango deh Apna Naam.”(rahao).

(one who receives Naam and Gur Parsad) the five thieves (vices) are held captive, and the egotistical pride of the mind is eradicated; he receives Spiritual Wisdom and his evil gaze and evil mindedness flee from him.

“Panch taskar dhaavat rakhe chuka mann abhimaan; distt bikari durmatt bhagee aisaa Brahm Gyaan.”

The Sikh further asks for daily staples, – the rice of Truth and self restraint, the wheat of compassion, and the leaf plate of Union; bless me with the milk of good actions, and the ghee of contentment, such are the Gifts I beg from You, Lord.

“Jatt Satt chaval Dya kanakk kar Prapatt patti dhaan; dudh Karam Santokh ghio kar aisaa maango daan.”

Let forgiveness and resilience (patience) be my milk cows, and let the calf of my mind (my thoughts) lovingly drink in this milk; I beg to be clothed with Praises of the Lord and enthusiastic drive (effort). Nanak continuously hums the Lord’s Attributes.

” khimma dhiraj kar gau laveri sahaje bachra kheer piye; sifatt saram ka kapra maango Har Gunn Nanak ravatt rahe.”

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Raag Parbhati