SGGS Angg 134.

Raag Majh – Bara Maha Majh M.5

Guru Ji tells us about the month of asarh. It is a hot month and the sun scorches the earth. All look for some shade or something to cool themselves with. That is the external heat in the month of asarh. Guru Ji uses the external backdrop of heat to describe the inner fires felt by the jeev isteri who is distanced from her inner Husband Lord.

The month of asarh is truly hot and scorching for those who are not close to their Husband Lord; they have forsaken the Lord, the Source of All Life, and placed their reliance upon mere mortals.

“Asarh tapanda tiss lagge Har Naah na jinna paas; Jagjiwan Purakh tyaag ke maanas sandi aas.”

In the love of duality (maya), the bride soul is ruined, and the noose of death (miseries) circles her neck; as you plant, so shall you reap, and such destiny is Written upon your forehead.

“Dujjay bhaye viguchiye galh bhaye so jamm ki faas; jaisa bijhe so lunhe mathe jo likhiyaas.”

Her lifetime of the night passes by, and she departs full of remorse (at her wasted life), with no hope (of salvation) at all; those who meet the holy Saint (Satguru), are liberated in the Court of the Lord.

“Rain vihanee pachotanee uth chali bheyi niraas; jinn ko Sadhu bhetiye so Dargeh hoye khalaas.”

Please bless me with Your Mercy, Lord, I thirst to gaze upon You; there is none other besides You. This is Nanak’s prayer; the month of asarh is most pleasant for those in whose minds the Lord’s Feet (Bani) abides.

“Kar Kirpa Prabh Aapni Tere Darshan hoye pyaas; Prabh Tudh bin dujja ko nahi Nanak ki ardaas; asarh sohunda tiss lagge jiss mann Har Charan nivaas.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Majh