SGGS Angg 780.

Raag Suhi M.5

This Shantt has 4 padas. This is the 1st pada.

A Sikh expresses his adoration for God, and asks for His Grace, so that his prayer can be intensified, and he can be blessed with Darshan.

Give me Your Grace my Beloved Master, that I may see Your Blessed Vision with my eyes; O my Beloved, bless me with thousands of tongues, so I may express Your adoration with my mouth.

“Kar Kirpa mere Pritam Suami netar dekhay Daras Tera Raam; lakh jihva deho mere Pyare mukh Har aradhey mera Raam.”

Worshipping the Lord, the path of death is overcome, and no pain or suffering will afflict you; the Lord and Master is Perfectly pervading water, land, and the sky. Wherever I look, He is there.

“Har aradhey jamm panth sadhey dukh na biapey koyee; jall thall mahiall Puran Suami jatt dekha tatt soyee.”

Doubt, attachment and evil are gone. God is the nearest of the near; please bless Nanak with Your Grace that he may be given Your Blessed Vision.

“Bharam moh bikaar naathey Prabh nerey hu te nera; Nanak ko Prabh kirpa kijjay netar dekhay Daras Tera Raam.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Suhi