SGGS Angg 961

Raag Ramkali

A Slok from Ramkali Ki Vaar M.5. The Slok is in the form of an ardas by a Sikh. He pleads for God’s Mercy, and to be blessed with Naam.

Please grant me Your Grace O Lord. Forgive me; I wish to forever chant Your Name at the Feet of the Guru; please dwell in my mind and body, and end my sufferings; please save me with Your Hands, and let no fear afflict me.

“Kar kirpa Kirpaal Aape baksh leh; sada sada japee Tera Naam Satgur bhaye peh; mann tann antar vass dukhaa naas hoye; haath de Aap raakh viaapeh bhao na koye.”

May I sing Your Glorious Praises, night and day – please commit me to this service; and associating with the Saints (Guru, Sadhsanggat), may my disease of ego be eradicated; You are One permeating and pervading deep within all, everywhere; by Guru’s Grace may I find Truth and the Truest of the True.

“Gunn gaava dinn rein etay kamm laaye; sant janna ke sang haumai rogh jaaye; sarab nirantar Khasam Eko rev rehiya; Gur Parsadi Sach Sacho Sach lehiya.”

O Kind Lord, bless me with Your Mercy, that I may sing Your Praises; Nanak loves to be able to gaze upon Your Blessed Darshan.

“Dya karo Dyaal Aapni sifat deh; Darshan dekh nihaal Nanak preet eh.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Kar kirpa Kirpaal Aape baksh leh