SGGS Angg 405

Raag Assa M.5.

At numerous places in SGGS Ji, the Gurus and Bhagats have stressed that you can be blessed enough to actually have Darshan of Satguru Ji/Nirankar Ji with Gur Parsad.

This Shabad describes the avastha prior to Darshan. I have heard so much about Your Glories, my Beloved. Now I yearn to have Your Darshan.

“Sun sun Nama tumara Pritam darshan dekhne ka chaao ”

Another aspect of the Shabad is the constant acceptance that God is the Doer. I make the effort, but it is really You who are inspiring me to make that effort.

“Udham karo karavho Thakur pekhat sadhu sang”

I have love for You. Even this love was actually infused in me by You.

“Har Har Naam charavho ranggan aape hi Prabh rang”

In view of this I tell my mind to recite the Naam of the All Pervading Raam.

“Man me Raam Nama Jaap”

And in Your Grace when You dwell in my mind, it happens only with Your Help.

“Kar kirpa basho mere hirday hoye sahayee aap” (rahao).

Constantly listening to Your Name, my Beloved, I yearn for Your Darshan.

“Sun sun Naam Tumara Pritam Prabh pekhan ka chaoo”

That is my only objective now; I am a mere worm (helpless), please have Mercy upon me.

“Dya karo kiram Apne ko eho manorath suaoo”

My wealth and body are Yours – nothing is in my power; as You keep me so do I live; I eat what You bestow upon me.

“Tan dhan Tera Tu Prabh mera hamre vass kich nahi; jio jio rakho tio tio rehna Tera dia khahe”

The sins of countless incarnations are washed away as I bathe in the dust of the Lord’s humble servants. (as I sit in sadhsangat in utter humility); by loving devotional worship all doubts and fears depart. O Nanak, the Lord is always Present.

“Janam janam ke kilbikh nassay majan Har jan dhurr; bhae bhagat bhram bhao nassay Har Nanak sadaa hajoor”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Assa