SGGS Ang 692

Raag Dhanaasree – Bhagat Namdev Ji.

Bhagat Ji tells us ahangkaar is a terrible disease. It makes you behave badly, and the result is karmic bondages and ruin.
Bhagat Ji gives many examples from the Hindu Puranas to illustrate his Divine Views about garab – ahangkaar.

Bhagat Ji first looks at those who build huge mansions to show off their wealth.

They dig deep foundations and build lofty palaces; (These people with short life spans make so much show. Tell me), has anyone lived longer than the sage Markanda who spent his life with a handful of straw upon his head?

(Markanda rishi was a very pious person. He used to sit in deep simran and connect with God within himself. One day, Shivji and Parvati were walking nearby. Parvati saw the sun blazing upon the head of the sage. She gently asked the sage to come out of his samadhi, and told him she would like to build him a nice house, with proper shelter. The sage smiled and picked up a handful of straw, put it upon his head, and said. “As long as I am connected with the Lord within me, this straw is all the shelter I need.” Just like Methuselah in the Bible, It is said that, Markanda was blessed with an extraordinarily long life – a few thousand years).

“Gahree kar ke neev khudayee upar mandapp shaaye; Markande te ko adhukayee jin trin dhar moond balaaiye.”

The Creator Lord is our only True Loving Friend; why O mortal are you so proud?; this body is only temporary – it shall perish.

“Hamro Karta Raam sanehi; kahe re nar garab karat ho binass jaaye jhuthi dehi.” (rahao).

The Kaurvas who had Durjodhan as their brother went about proclaiming “this is ours!, this is ours!”; they had such a huge army, that their royal procession extended to sixty miles, and they travelled under canopies (in their pride, they did not want the sun to even touch them), yet, when they died, their bodies were eaten by vultures.

“Meri meri Kairo kartay Durjodhan se bhayee; barah jojan chatar chale tha dehi girjan khayee.”

Lanka was totally rich in gold and was anyone greater then than its ruler, Raavan?; (when ruin befell him), what happened to all the elephants tethered at his gate?; in an instant it all belonged to someone else.

“Sarab soyen ki lanka hotee Raavan se adhkayee; kaha bheyo dar bandhe hathee khin meh bhaye prayee.”

The Yaadavs deceived Durbasa and received the fruits of their folly; Namdev sings Praises of the Lord who has showered His Mercy upon His humble servant.

Durbasa was a pious rishi, but he had a very bad temper. The Yaadavs were from Krishan Ji’s clan. They were arrogant, and felt no harm could ever befall them, as the Avataar of Dwapar, Krishan Ji, was part of their clan.
One day, they dressed up Krishna’s son, Pradhayuman like a pregnant woman. A pumice stone was tied to the belly.

They disturbed the rishi from his samadhi, and asked him “please tell us what will this woman be blessed with? The rishi immediately saw through the ruse, and cursed them. “She is carrying something that will destroy the entire Yadav clan.”

They were alarmed. They quickly went to a secluded spot and started grating the stone. Most of it was grated. The final small piece was thrown into a river, nearby.

A few months later, the Yadav clan happened to gather at the spot where the stone had been grated. Coarse weeds had grown there. The Yadavs were quite drunk and started fighting amongst themselves. They pulled out the weeds and thrashed each other to death. All Yadavs were wiped out.

Krishna went to the forest, sad at all that had happened. He knew the rishis words would come true. The piece thrown into the river was swallowed by a fish. It was caught by a fisherman, who threw the piece away as he sliced the fish. That piece was picked up by a hunter, who used it as an arrow head. As Krishna Ji was resting in the forest, his feet crossed over, the hunter saw something shine. It was the shine from anklets worn by Krishna. The hunter thought it was a glint from the eyes of a deer, and he shot his arrow, piercing Krishna’s heel. There are about five references to the hunter in SGGS Ji, as he was forgiven by Krishna before Krishna died).

“Durbasa seyo karatt thagauree Yadav eh falh paaye; kirpa kari jan Apne upar Namdeo Har gunn gaaye.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Dhanaasree