SGGS Angg 10.

Raag Gujri M.5.

We read this Shabad daily in Rehiras.

We live with all kind of anxieties and fears. Chief amongst our fears is our daily food.

In this Shabad, Guru Ji says our main concern should be remembrance of the Lord. He provides for all your daily needs. It is true that you need to make effort to get that food but you should not let that concern churn in your mind always. Make effort to get your daily needs but live with the confidence that God will always provide your basic sustenance.

Guru Ji poses a question at the start of the Shabad. Why do you “chitve udham”(worry yourself with plots and plans about your sustenance).
“Kahe re man chitve udham ja aahar Har jio bhareya”.

In the next line Guru Ji says the Gracious Lord provides even for the living organisms found in rocks and stones.
“Saill pathar me jantt upaaye ta ka rizak aage kar dhareya”

As you do sadhsangat your overcome such fears about your sustenance.
“Mere Madho ji satsangat miley so tareaya”

As you receive Gur Parsad you rise to the highest spiritual state where even dry wood blossoms forth in lush greenery.
“Gur parsad param padh paaya sukay kasht hareaya”(rahao).

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Gujri