SGGS Angg 1187

Raag Basant M.9.

Guru Ji scolds man for failing to recognize his true purpose in life (Gobind milan ki eh teri beriya – Angg 12). Apart from his failure to pray, man is ensnared by greed for worldly wealth and power.

Guru Ji advises man in a gentle, yet firm manner. Firstly, a question is posed. Why do you wander about so lost, attached to falsehood and greed?

“Kaha bhuliyo re jhuthe lobh laag”

In the rahao Guruji gives some Fatherly assurance. (so long as there is life in you), Nothing is lost yet. There is still time to wake up (spiritually).

“Kach bigriyo nahin ajho jaag”( rahao).

You must realize this is nothing more than a dream; it can perish in an instant. Know this as the Truth.

“Samm supnay ke eh jagh jaan; binsey shin me Sachi maan”.

The Lord constantly abides with you; night and day worship and meditate upon Him my friend.

“Sang tere Har bassr neet; nis bassar bhaj tahe meet”

In the final moments He shall be your Help and Support; Nanak says, sing His Praises.

“Bar antt ki hoye sahaiye; kaho Nanak gunn ta ke gaaye”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Kach bigriyo nahin ajho jaag