SGGS Angg 469 and Angg 1353.

Raag Assa and Slok Sehskiriti

At Angg 469, this Slok is ascribed to M.2, while at Angg 1353, the same Slok (with minor grammatical variations) is said to be by M.1, Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

There are close to 50 Shabads in SGGS Ji which are repeated with slight variations. Most likely, this Slok was originally recited by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, and at some later occassion, Guru Angad Dev Ji quoted or recited the same Slok.

The word “Shabadang” is used in a unique sense here. Here it is used in the sense of “way of life” or “path”.
Guru Ji describes the different paths used by the different castes, but concludes that the Path to God is only one, i.e Shabad (Naam).

The path of the Yogis is to obtain knowledge, whilst the path of the Brahmins is to follow the teachings of the Vedas.

“Jog Shabadang gyan Shabadang Bedh Shabadang te Brahmneh.”

The path of the Khashatriyas is to show heroic bravery, while for the Shudras, their path is of service to others.

“Khatri Shabadang sur Shabadang Shudar Shabadang pra kirteh.”

If one knows the Mystery (Secret), the path for all is through the One Shabad (which sings His Praises); Nanak is the slave of that Divine, Immaculate Lord.

“Sarab Shabadang te Ek Shabadang je ko jaanas bheyo; Nanak ta ka daas hai soyee Niranjan Deyo.”

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Raag Assa and Shalok Sehskritee