SGGS Angg 658.

Raag Sorath – Bhagat Ravidas Ji.

Bhagat Ji speaks to God. The Shabad shows Bhagat Ji has such a fond adoration for God as he engages in conversation with Him. As the last two lines of this Shabad indicate, although Bhagat Ji has great love for God, he is still yearning for Darshan.

You have bound us in the noose of emotional attachment, whilst I have bound myself to You with bonds of Love (for You); go ahead and try to escape from these bonds of love God, (know well that) I have freed myself from bondages (of emotional attachment by worshipping and adoring You.

“Jo ham bandhe moh faas ham prem bandhan Tum bandhe; Aapne chuttan ko jattan karo ham chuttay Tum aradhe.”

O Lord of maya, You know the nature of my love for You; now what will You do (to free Yourself from my love)?

“Madhve jaanat hoh jaisi taisi; ab kaha karoghe aisi.”(rahao).

Bhagat Ji next gives an example of a fish and it’s love for water.

A fish is caught, cut up, and cooked in many ways; piece by piece it is eaten, yet it does not forsake water. (if one eats fish, it invariably makes you thirsty, and one will drink water to quench his thirst, the idea being that the fish’s love for water induced the thirst). Bhagat Ji is saying even in it’s dead state, the fish yearns for water.

“Meen pakarh faankyo aur kaatiyo raandh kiyo baho bani; khand khand kar bhojan kinno tauu na bisriyo pani.”

Apart from those who love Him, no one else can lay claim that the Lord, our King, is Father to him; the veil of emotional attachment has been cast over the entire world, but it does not bother the Saint (whose love for God pierces through the veil).

“Aapan Baape nahi kissi ko bhavan ko Har Raja; moh pattal sabh jagat biapiyo bhagat nahi santapa.”

Ravidas says my love for the One Lord is increasing, with whom can I share this?; despite that which brought me to adore You (my love for You ), I still endure the pain (of separation from You).

“Kahe Ravidas bhagat Eik badhi abh eh ka seyo kahiye; ja kaaran ham Tum aradhe so dukh ajhu sahiye.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Sorath