SGGS Angg 1139.

Raag Bhairo M.5

Guru Ji tells us about God’s Protective Nature. He is the Creator of all beings. He certainly Protects those who have their Tek upon Him, and reach out to Him.

Who can kill that being who is Protected by You, O Lord; the entire Universe is within You (i.e. all creation is subject to Your Will); the mortal may plan millions of schemes; but only that happens, which the Lord of Wondrous Play allows to happen.

“Jis Tu rakhe tis kaun maare; sabh Tujh hi antar saggal sansare; kote upaav chitvat hai praani; so hovay jo kare Chojh Vidhaani.”

Save me, save me, shower Your Mercy upon me; I have taken Your Sanctuary in Your Court.

“Rakho rakho kirpa dhaar; Teri Sharan Tere Darvaar.” (rahao).

Whoever has served the Fearless Lord, the Giver of Peace; as He realizes the One Lord, all his fears vanish; whatever You do Lord, only that, then happens; there is none other who can Kill or Protect.

“Jin seviya Nirbhao Sukhdata; tin bhao duur kiya Ek praata; jo Tu kare soyee funh hoye; maare na raakhe dujja koye.”

What are you scheming O mortal, with your limited understanding?; the Lord is All Knowing, and knows what is brewing in your heart; keep your Focus and Support only upon One; the Creator Lord, knows everything.

“Kya tu soche maanas baan; Antarjaami Purakh Sujaan; Ek Tek Eko Aadhaar; sabh kich jaane Sirjanhaar.”

Anyone who is blessed by the Creator’s Glance of Grace; that humble being has all his affairs resolved; the One Lord is his Protector; servant Nanak says, none can reach him (to harm him).

“Jis upar nadar kare Kartaar; tis jan ke sabh kaaj sawaar; tis ka Rakha Eko soye; jan Nanak aparh na saake koye.”

(My translation differs in many places from that found on the net).

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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