SGGS Angg 386.

Raag Assa M.5.

Gurbani expresses the Lord’s strict Hukam in many ways. Despite the strictness Gurbani is always optimistic. No matter how low you have fallen, so long as you sincerely and lovingly take to Naam and the Guru’s sewa you will be on the road to salvation.

In this Shabad Guru Ji starts by saying that wretched being about whom nobody bothers, by reciting His Name receives honor in all four directions.

“Jis neech ko koyee na jaane; Naam japat oh chau kuntt maane”

In the rahao, a Sikh pleads for Darshan and exclaims “God, in Your Service who has not been saved,?”(rahao). (In other words all who do His sewa get salvation.)

There are some persons nobody wants to get close to; (by Your sewa) the whole world comes to wash the dirt off his feet.

“Ja ke nikkat na aave koi; sagal shrist uaa ke charan mall dhoyee”

That mortal who is considered useless to all; by the Grace of the Saints (Guru), he meditates upon Naam.

“Jo pranee kahu na aavat kaam; Sant Parsad ta ko japiye Naam”

In sadhsanggat the sleeping mind awakens; then, Nanak says the Lord (His Name) seems sweet.

“Sadhsang man sovat jaage; tab Prabh Nanak mithe laage”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Assa