SGGS Angg 1164.

Raag Bhairo Bhagat Namdev Ji.

Bhagat Namdev Ji has some Shabads where he describes how he was badly treated by the pandits in the mandir. He was abused and thrown out of the mandir, as the pandits said he was of low caste. The great Bhagat sat outside the mandir, spoke about his plight to God, and expressed this Shabad.

In a cheerful mood, full of gaiety, I came to Your mandir; as I was engaged in prayer, I was grabbed and driven out.

“Hasstt khelat Tere dwarey aaya; bhagat karat Nama pakad chalaeya.”

I am of low social class, Lord; why was I born into a family of (low caste) fabric dyers?

Hinri jaat meri Jaadam Raiya; chippay ke janam kahe ko aaya.”(rahao)

I picked my blanket and went to the back (of the mandir); and sat down there.

“Leh kamli chaliyo paltaye; deohre pache betha jaye.”

As Namdev recited the Glorious Praises of the Lord; the mandir turned to face Your humble Saint.

“Jio jio Nama Har gunn uchre; bhagat janna ko deohra firey.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Bhairo