SGGS Angg 735

Raag Suhi M.4.

A Sikh sings some of the Infinite Praises of the Lord.

Which of Your Glories can I recount O Lord,? You are Lord and Master, the Treasure of all Excellence”

” Tere kavan kavan gunn keh keh gaavan tu Sahib guni nidhana”

I cannot truly express Your Glorious Praises; You are my Lord and Master, Lofty and Benevolent.

“Tumri mahima baran na saako tu Thakur uchh Bhagvaana”

Your Name is my only Support.

“Mai Har Har Naam dhar soyee”

However it pleases You, please save me my Master: besides you I have no other at all.

“Jio bhave tio rakh mere Sahib mai tujh bin avar na koi”(rahao).

The 4th pada is used as the refrain.

Behold the Glory of the Lord O Saints, He bestows honor upon the dishonored and lowly ones.

“Har ki vadiiaye dekhko santo Har nimaaniya maan devaiiye”

As dust rises from underfoot O Nanak so does the Lord make the world fall at the feet of the Pious.

“Jio dharti charan talay te upar aave tio Nanak sadh janna jagat aan sabh pairi paave”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shahad Kirtan available on YouTube

Jio bhave tio rakh mere Sahib mai tujh bin avar na koi