SGGS Angg 1328.

Raag Sarangh M.2

It is Hindu belief that amrit was obtained by churning the ocean. Fourteen precious things emerged from this churning, the final thing being amrit. This amrit was distributed by Vishnu who took the form of mohini to delude the demons, the asuras and gave to the devas to drink.

The Gurus and the Bhagats in SGGS Ji do not believe that amrit can come from physical sources. Amrit is Naam and Amrit Naam trickles down in our minds with the Guru’s Grace. The One Lord Resides in the topmost Plane of our minds (“Aggam Roop ka mann me Thaana.”- Ang 186), and Amrit Naam is bestowed when He is Pleased.

In this Slok, Guru Angad Dev Ji tells us some Attributes of Amrit.

Those who are blessed with the Glorious Greatness of Your Name, their minds are drenched with love for God.

“Jinn vadiaaiye Tere Naam ki te ratte mann mahe.”

Nanak says, Amrit is the One Lord Himself, maya (dujja) is not Amrit at all. (the second part of this line can be translated as “there is no other Amrit at all.”).

Nanak says this Amrit dwells in the mind, and is received by the Grace of the Guru (Shabad).

“Nanak Amrit manne mahe paaiye Gur Parsad.”

Those in whose destiny it is so Written by the Primal Source, they alone drink it in their love (for God).

“Tinni pitaa rang seyo jinn ko likhiya Aad.”

Amrit Naam immortalises you and you are taken out of the cycle of births and deaths.

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Sarangh