SGGS Angg 673.

Raag Dhanaasaree (Dhanasree) M.5

A Sikh is in awe of God. He recounts the numerous blessings he has received, and pleads to be saved in God’s Sharan.

Lord, You are the Giver, the Cherisher, my Husband and Master; each and every moment You nourish me. I am Your child and rely on You alone.

“Tum Datey Thakur Pritpalak Nayek Khasam hamarey; nimakh nimakh Tum hi Pritpaloh ham barak Tumre dharey.”

With my one tongue, which of Your Glories can I describe?; You are Unlimited, Infinite Lord and Master. No one knows Your Limits.

“Jehva ek kavan gunn kehiye; Beshumar Beantt Suamee Tero Antt na kinhee lehiye.”(rahao).

You destroy millions of my sins, and give messages in so many ways; I am ignorant, of low understanding. Please use Your Innate Nature to save me.

“Kote pradh hamare khandho anik bidhi samjavho; ham agyaan alap matt thoree Tum Aapan Birdh rakhavho.”

I have taken Your Sanctuary and place my hopes on You, my Companion and Best Friend; Nanak is Your playful child, please save me, O Merciful Saviour Lord.

“Tumri Sharan Tumari Aasa Tum hi Sajjan Suhelay; rakho Rakhanhaar Dyalaa Nanak Ghar ke golay.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Dhanaasaree