SGGS Angg 885

Raag Ramkali M.5

All of us are subject to physical death. Upon death the jeev can go into various life forms as per his lekha. The only way to cut this cycle of births and deaths is to merge into the Immortal Lord through Naam, and the Guru’s Grace. Thus Guru Ji advises the Sikh in this Shabad.

Recite the Name of the Beloved Lord of the Universe; and as you meditate upon the All Pervading Lord, you will not be consumed by the Great Death ever again.

“Japp Gobind Gopal Laal; Raam Naam simar tu jeeveh firr na khayee maha kaal.” (rahao).

You have come wandering and wandering through millions of incarnations; it was by the highest destiny (good fortune), that you found Sadhsanggat. (company of the holy).

“Kote janam bhram bhram bhram aaiyo; badhe bhaag Sadhsang paaiyo.”

Without the Perfect Guru there can be no salvation; Baba Nanak says this after deep reflection.

“Bin Gur Puray nahi udhaar; Baba Nanak aakhe eh bichaar.”

Baba is a Persian word. It means wise elder. In all His 974 Shabads, Guru Nanak Dev Ji does not ever refer to Himself as a Guru. Only in one Shabad at Angg 154 does He refer to Himself as Baba. Succeeding Gurus did refer to Guru Nanak Dev Ji as Baba too.

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