SGGS Angg 563.

Raag Wadhans (Vadhans) M.5

Guru Ji tells us some aspects of God’s Infinite gunn.

He is Perfect, and knows the secrets of each heart; He blesses you with humility, to be the dust of the feet of the Saints.  (Guru).

“Antarjami so Prabh Pura; daan deh Sadhu ki dhura.”

We should plead thus before Him.

Bless me with Your Grace, O Lord, Merciful to the lowly; My focus and faith are poised upon You, O Perfect Sustainer of the world.

“Kar Kirpa Prabh Deen Dyala; Teri ote Puran Gopala.”(rahao).

He is totally pervading the water, land and sky; God is near at hand and never far away.

“Jal thall mahiyal rehiya bharpuray; nikatt vassey nahi Prabh duray.”

The one he blesses with His Glance of Grace, meditates upon Him; and sings His Praises twenty four hours a day.

“Jis nu nadar karey so dhiaaye; aath pahar Har ke gunn gaaye.”

He cherishes and sustains all beings and creatures; Nanak has taken the Sanctuary of the Gateway leading to God.

“Jee jantt sagley pritparey; Sharan pariyo Nanak Har Duarey.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Wadhans