SGGS Angg 617.

Raag Sorath M.5

Guru Ji gives Divine Advice to all Sikhs. Do not waver from the Path to God. Do not attach yourselves to anyone besides God. If you forsake Him, the consequences are tragic.

As you meditate upon the Lord, you receive all blessings and your efforts on this Path are never in vain; forsaking the Lord, how can you ever attach yourself to others? This Lord is pervading everywhere.

“Ja ke simran sabh kich paiyeh birthi ghaal na jaaye; tis Prabh tyaag avar kat racho jo sabh me rehiya samaaye.”

O Saints meditate upon the Lord; join the Sadhsanggat, meditate upon Naam, and all your efforts will be fulfilled.

“Har Har simro Sant Gopala; Sadhsang milh Naam dhiavho puran hovay ghaala.” (rahao).

He ever preserves and cherishes us, and lovingly Embraces His servant; Nanak says, if you forsake the Lord, how will you ever truly live in this world?

“Saar samaale nit pritpaley prem sahit gall laavhe; kaho Nanak Prabh tumre bisrat jagat jivan kaise paavhe.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Sorath