SGGS Ang 1333

Raag Parbhati M.3

A Sikh sings Praises of being in God’s Sharan. Guru Ji’s Sharan and God’s Sharan is the same. (“Gur Parmeshar Eko Jaan.” – Angg 864).

Being in His Sharan gives you protection, brings forth blessings, and leads you lovingly towards Union with God in your own body.
If for some reason you break off from this Sharan, and take refuge in a baba, tantric or some energies of maya, (“devi deva mool hai maya.”- Angg 129), terrible consequences follow.

Those who enter Your Sanctuary Dear Lord, are saved by Your Protective Power; I cannot even conceive of any other as Great as You. There never was, and never shall be.

“Jo Teri Sharanayee Har Jio tinn Tu raakhan jog; Tudh jevadh mai avar na sujjay na ko hova na hogh.”

Dear Lord, I shall remain in Your Sanctuary forever; as it Pleases You, save me O Lord and Master, – this is Your Glorious Nature.

“Har Jio sada Teri Sharanayee; Jio bhave tio rakho mere Suami eh Teri vadiaaiyee.”(rahao).

O Dear Lord, You cherish and nurture those who are in Your Sanctuary; those whom You Protect Dear Lord, the messenger of death cannot even touch them.

“Jo Teri Sharanayee Har Jio tinn ki kare pritpaal; Aap kirpa kar rakho Har Jio pohe na sakay jamkaal.”

True (Eternal) is Your Sanctuary Dear Lord, it never diminishes or goes away; those who abandon the Lord and attach themselves to maya, shall continue to die and be re born.”

“Teri Sharanayee Sachi Har Jio na ouh ghatay na jaaye; jo Har chodh dujjay bhaye laage oh jamme te mar jaaye.”

Those who take Your Sanctuary Dear Lord, do not suffer pain, nor hunger for anything; Nanak says, Praise His Naam (His Attributes), He is latent (resides) in the True Shabads.

“Jo Teri Sharanayee Har Jio tinna dukh bhukh kich nahi; Nanak Naam salahe sada Tu Sache Shabad samahi.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Parbhati