SGGS Angg 332.

Raag Gauri – Kabir Ji.

Bhagat Ji tells us about people who are full of negativity. They see only bad in others, and will criticise everything. They will slander others who are doing good, but will not lift a finger themselves to help others. Bhagat Ji says it is best to avoid such persons and not dampen your spirits in such vile company.

They do not listen to, nor sing the Lord’s Praises; but with their words, they bring the sky down with their (exaggerated) talk.

“Har jass sunhe na Har jass gavhe; baatan hi asmaan giravhe.”

What can anyone say to such people?; it is best to be cautious of such people whom God has excluded from His devotional worship.

“Aisey logan sio kya kehiye; jo Prabh kiye bhagat te bahaj tin te sada daraney rehiye.”( rahao).

They may not offer you even a handful of water; but they would slander someone who brings forth the Ganges.

“Aap na deh choru bhar paani; teh ninday je Ganga aani.”

Sitting down or standing up, their crooked ways are kept in operation; they ruin themselves and they ruin others too.

“Bathat uthat kotilta chale; Aap gaye auran hu ghaale.”

Besides evil talk, they know nothing else; they would even defy orders from Brahma (who brought forth the Vedas).

“Chaad kocharcha aan na jaane; Brahma hu ko kehiyo na maane.”

They are lost and mislead others as well; they have set their own temple on fire, and choose to sleep in it.

“Aap gaye auran hu khovay; aag lagaye mandir me sovay.”

They laugh at others, while they themselves are one eyed; seeing such persons Kabir feels embarrassed.

“Aavran hastt aap hai kaane; tin ko dekh Kabir lajaane.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Gauree