SGGS Angg 318.

Raag Gauree – Slok M.5

This is the 1st Slok of Gauri Ki Vaar M.5 and sets the theme for the entire Vaar.

Guru Ji says the humble being who lovingly recites the Name (Attributes) of the Lord, his birth in this world wins Approval (is auspicious); I am a sacrifice to that humble being who meditates upon the Infinite Lord. (the word Nirbaan has been translated on the net as “Lord of Nirvaanaa.” With respect, that is not correct. Nirvaanaa is a Buddhist concept. In Buddhism, there is no concept of God. You live according to dharma in the eight fold path, and become free from all desires. That is their state of Nirvaanaa. In Gurbani, as you go higher in your avastha, certainly you strive to be freed from the bondages of all desires. “aasa mansa bandhni bhai”- Ang 635. The Sikh is advised to be detached from all desires and to burn them through the Shabad. “mansa aasa Shabad jalaaiyee”- Ang 939. Apart from being freed from the bondages of assa mansa, the Sikh aspires for Union with God. ” aasa mansa Shabad jalaaiye; gurmukh Jote Nirantar payee.”- Ang 939. Thus Nirbaan in Gurbani, cannot mean the Buddhist Nirvaanaa. In Gurbani, Nirbaan refers to God as the Source of All Bliss who is “nir” – without, “baan”- limits, i.e. Infinite).

“Har Har Naam jo jann jappe so aaya parvaan; tis jann ke baliharne jinn bhajiya Prabh Nirbaan.”

The pains of births and deaths are eradicated, upon meeting the All Knowing, Primal Lord who is Present in all; in the Company of Saints (Satguru), the humble being crosses over (the world ocean). Servant Nanak says such a one has the Support of the True Lord.

“Janam maran dukh katiya Har bhetiya Purakh Sujaan; Sant sang saagar tarhe jann Nanak Sacha taan.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Gauree