SGGS Angg 683

Raag Dhanasree M.5

A Sikh says, God, I have taken Your Sharan. Please bless me with Naam. Be Merciful to me, God, and bless me with Your Glance of Grace. Take my arm and pull me out of this pit (of bondages and ignorance).

“Har Charan Sharan Gobind Dukh Bhanjna das Apne ko Naam devho; Dhrist Prabh dharo Kirpa kar taro bhuja geh koop te kadh levho.”

I am blinded by lust and anger, bonded by maya, there are countless sins on my clothes (thoughts) and body; without You, God, there is no other Protector. Please help me meditate upon Your Name, You are the Almighty Warrior, Sheltering Lord.

“Kaam krodh kar andh maya ke bandh anik dokha tann shaad purey; Prabh bin aan na Rakhanhara Naam simrahvo Sharan Surey.”

You Redeem all sinners, Save all beings and creatures, no one has ever found Your Limits even by reciting the Vedas (here it means Scriptures); You are Ocean of all Virtues and Peace, the Source of all Jewels (Naam). Nanak sings Praises of the Lover of His Saints.

“Patit Udharna jee jantt Taarna Bedh uchaar nahi antt paiyo ; Gunah Sukh Saagra Brahm Ratnagra Bhagat Vashall Nanak gaaiyo.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Har Charan Sharan Gobind Dukh Bhanjna das Apne ko Naam devho