SGGS Angg 557

Raag Wadhans (Vadhans) M.1

Guru Ji tells us about some aspects of Naam. There are times when we really do not know what to do. Things are so heavily stacked against us, that we cannot think clearly. Towards the end of the Shabad, Guru Ji tells us the fog of our minds can be cleared if we do two things. Firstly, sing His Praises. Secondly, do a sincere ardas.

The addict cannot live without his drug and the fish cannot survive without water; (but) those who are drenched with love for their Husband Lord, everyone (every situation) is pleasing to them.

“Amlee amal na ambrhe machi neer na hoye; jo ratte Sho apne tin bhaave sabh koye.”

I am a sacrifice, and prepared to be cut apart into pieces as a sacrifice to Your Name O Master.

“Hao vaari vanja khaniye vanja tao Sahib ke naave.” (rahao).

The Lord is a Fruitful Tree, and His Name is Ambrosial Nectar; those who drink it in are fully satisfied, and I am a sacrifice to them.

“Sahib safliyo rukhra Amrit ja ka Naao; jin piya te tripat bhaye hao tin balihare jaao.”

Although You dwell with all, I am unable to see You; how can my thirst (for Your Darshan) be quenched, when there is a wall between me and that Lake (Lord)?.

“Mai ki nadar na aavheyi vasse habhiya naal; Tikha tihaaiya kyo lahe ja sarr bhittar paal.”

Nanak is Your Trader (Shopkeeper), and You Lord (Your Name), are my Merchandise (Capital); the fog of my mind will only clear if I sing Your Praises, and plead with You.

“Nanak Tera Baaniya Tu Sahib mai Raas; mann te dhokha ta lahe ja siffat kari ardas.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Wadhans