SGGS Angg 721

Raag Tilang M.1.

We need to colour our minds with love for God. That is known as laal rang or majitha rang.

Unfortunately, the body gets coloured with greed for maya. That rang is always perishable.

Guru Ji starts by saying the body is coloured by greed.

“Eh tann maya pahiya pyare litrha labh rangaiye”.

Such a colour does not please the Lord: with such a colour how can the jeev isteri ever have access to the Lord.

“Mere Kantt na bhave cholrha kyo dhan sejay jaaiye”

In contrast those who take to Naam are blessed because they are slowly but surely colouring themselves with majitha rang.

“Hao kurbane jaoo mehervaana haoo kurbane jaoo:
“Hao kurbane jaoo tinna ke lain jo tera Naao; lain jo tera Naoo tinn ke sadh kurbane jaao”(rahao).

In the 2nd pada, Guru Ji says, you should make your body the Dyer’s vat, (vessel), and the Name of the Lord, should be put in as the Dye; and if the Dyer (to Whom this body cloth belongs), decides to Dye it, you will see a wonderful color such as has never been seen before.

“Kaaiyan rangan je thiye pyare paiyeh Naoo majith; Rangan Vala je rangey Sahib aisa rang na deeth.”

In the 3rd pada Guru Ji says those whose inner being (cholay) is coloured with love, the Beloved is always with them.

“Jinn ke cholray ratte pyare Kantt tinna ke paas”

It is my prayer that I be blessed to get the dust of their feet of such persons.

“Dhuur tinna ki je milai ji kaho Nanak ki ardas”

In the final pada (4th), Guru Ji sums up by telling us, He Himself creates, and He Himself infuses color (of Love) and He Himself, bestows His Glance of Grace; Nanak says, if the soul bride becomes Pleasing to the Lord, He Sports with her (i.e. with His Saint).

“Aape sajhe Aape rangey Aape Nadar karey; Nanak kaaman Kante bhave Aape hi raaveh.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shahad Kirtan available on YouTube

Hao kurbane jaoo mehervaana haoo kurbane jaoo