SGGS Angg 614.

Raag Sorath M.5

A Sikh tells us about the Saints. In Gurbani, the word “Sant” is used for a very high avastha. Invariably, the word Sant is used for the Gurus and Bhagats.

Bhagat Kabir Ji tells us.

“…. Sant Raam hai Eko.” i.e the True Saint is just like the All Pervading Lord.

Bhagat Prahlad Ji is referred to as a Sant.

“Sant Prahlad ki paij jin rakhi…”(Ang 856).

Besides the Gurus and Bhagats, there are Saints in the world too, but it is rare to find such a True Saint.

(Ang 1348).
“Kote maday koyee Sant dikhaaya” (out of millions a rare Saint is seen ).

In this Shabad, the Sikh says I am the dust of the Feet of the Beloved Saints (Guru), and I have taken their Sanctuary; the Saints are my all powerful Support and they are my precious Ornament. (Shabads).

“Ham Santan ki rein pyare ham Santan ki Sarna; Sant hamari ote satanee Sant hamara Gehna.”

I interact with loving peace among the Saints ; it is my destiny manifesting itself ; (I say to the Saints) this mind belongs to You .

“Ham Santan seyo ban aayi; purab likhiya paayi; eh mann Tera Bhai.”(rahao).

My dealings and business are with the Saints; I earn profits from the Saints, and my devitional treasure of the Lord has been filled to the brim.

“Santan seyo meri leva devi Santan seyo biohaara; Santan seyo ham lahaa khaatiya Har bhagat bhare bhandaraa.”

The Saints entrusted me with the Capital (Naam), and the delusions of my mind were dispelled; what can Dharam Raj do when all my accounts have been torn up?.

” Santan mo ko punjee saumpee tao utriya mann ka dhokh ; Dharam Rai abh kaha karego jao fatiyo saglo lekha.”

Through the Grace of the Saints (Guru) I have found great peace and am in bliss ; Nanak says my mind has full faith in the Lord, and my love for Him leaves me wonderstruck.

“Maha anand bhaye sukh paaya Santan ke parsadey; kaho Nanak Har seyo mann maaniya rang ratte bismaadey.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Sorath