SGGS Angg 167.

Raag Gauree Berragan M.4

Sikhs gathered around Guru Ramdas Ji and asked Guru Ji to describe his journey. From an orphan selling “ghunghnian” – boiled grams, to being a sewak at Goindwal Sahib, then the son-in-law of Guru Amardas Ji, and finally being exalted to the Gurgaddi as the 4th Satguru Ji.

Guru Ji went into deep simran and recited this amazing Shabad to the Sanggat. The humility of the Satguru as is evident in the Shabad is truly fascinating.

I had this deep desire in my heart and mind to behold the Lord; even this yearning (love) was infused by the Lord Himself – He Himself knows that He is very precious to me; I am a sacrifice (eternally grateful) to my Guru who reunited me with the Creator Lord from Whom I had been separated for a long time.

“Hamre mann chit Har aas nitt kyo dekha Har Daras Tumara; jinn preet layee so jaanta hamre mann chit Har bahut pyaara; hao kurbani Gur apne jin vichureiya meliaya mera Sirjanhaara.”

O my All Pervading Lord, I am a sinner come to Your Sanctuary and have fallen at Your Door; I have no merits, I am filthy and polluted. I pray that at some time, You would shower Your Mercy upon me

“Mere Raam ham paapi Sharan parey Har Dwar; matt nirgunn ham mailey kabhu Aapni Kirpa Dhaar.” (rahao).

(Deep from my inner self I declared that) my demerits are so many and numerous. I have sinned so many times, over and over again O Lord, that my sins cannot be counted; (But I know), You are the Merciful Treasure of Virtue, as it Pleases You Lord, do forgive me; I am a sinner, and can be saved only by the Company of the Guru, who bestows His Teachings of the Lord’s Name to save all.

“Hamre avgunn bahut bahut hai baho bar bar Har gannatt na aave; Tu Gunvanta Har Har Dyal Har Aape baksh leh Har bhaave; ham apradhi raakhe Gur Sanggati updesh diyo Har Naam chadaave.”

What Glorious Virtues of Yours can I describe O my True Guru?. When the True Guru Speaks, I am transfixed with wonder; can anyone else save a sinner like me?. The True Guru has protected me and saved me; O Guru (Shabad), You are my Father, my Mother, my Relative, Companion and Friend.

“Tumre Gunn kya kaha mere Satgura jab Gur bolhe tabh bissam hoye jaaye; ham jaise apradhi avar koyee rakhe jaise ham Satgur raakh liye chadaaye; Tu Gur Pita Tu hai Gur Mata Tu Gur Bandap mera Sakha Sakhaaye.”

My condition, (inner state), O my True Guru, is known only to You; I was rolling around ignobly in the dust, and no one cared for me at all; in the Company of the True Guru, I a mere worm, have been raised up and exalted; Blessed Blessed is the humble servant of Guru Nanak. Meeting Him, all my sorrows and troubles have come to an end.

“Jo hamri bidh hotee mere Satgura sa bidh Tum Har jaano Aape; ham rultay firtay koyee baat na poochta Gur Satgur sang kiray ham thaape; dhan dhan Guru Nanak jann kera jitt miliye chukay sabh sogh santaape.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Gauree