SGGS Angg 732

Raag Suhi M.4

Guru Ji advises a learned man about the importance of being in the Guru’s Sharan. Guru Ji also stresses that recitation of God’s Name (although very important) is not enough. You must actually imbibe the gunn of God within yourself, and put into practice all the gunn that are bestowed upon you.

One who chants the Lord’s Name while continually practicing deception, cannot become pure of heart; he may perform all kinds of rituals, night and day, but he shall not find peace, even in his dreams.

“Har Har kare nit kapatt kamavhe hirda sudh na hoyee; andinn karam kare bahoterey supnay sukh na hoyee.”

O wise ones, without the Guru there can be no devotional worship; the untreated cloth does not absorb the dye, no matter how much everyone may wish it.

“Gyanee Gur bin gyaan na hoyee; koray rang kadey na charhe je lochay sabh koyee.”(rahao).

The self willed manmukh may perform chants, meditation, austere self disciplines, fasts and worship, but his sickness (of haumai), does not go away; inwardly he has the sickness of terrible egotism, and in the love of maya, he is ruined.

“Jap tapp sanjam vartt kare puja manmukh rogh na jayee; antar rogh maha abhimanaa dujjay bhaye khuaiyee.”

Outwardly he wears religious garb and is very clever, but his mind wanders in ten directions; engrossed in ego he does not remember the Shabad, over and over again he is reincarnated.

“Bahar bhekh baho chaturayee manuaa deh diss dhaave; haumai biapeyaa Shabad na chinnay firr firr jooni paave.”

Nanak says, that mortal upon whom the Lord casts His Glance of Grace, understands (His Hukam), and that humble person meditates upon His Naam; by the Guru’s Grace, he understands the One, and blends into the One Lord.

“Nanak nadar kare so bujjay so jann Naam dhiaiye; Gur Parsadi Eko bujjay Ekass mahe samaaiye.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shahad Kirtan available on YouTube

Gyanee Gur bin gyaan na hoyee; koray rang kadey na charhe je lochay sabh koyee