SGGS Angg 193.

Raag Gauree (Gauri) M.5

A Sikh sings Praises of the Satguru and God.

I am eternally grateful for the Blessed Darshan of the Guru; I feel truly alive by reciting Naam given to me by the Satguru.

“Guruji ke Darshan ko balh jaao; jap jap jivan Satguru Naao.”

O Supreme Lord God Guru; give me Your Grace and commit me to Your Service.

“Parbrahm Puran Gurdev; kar kirpa laagho Teri sev.” (rahao).

I enshrine His Lotus Feet (Bani) in my heart; I offer my mind, body and wealth, to the Guru, who is the Support of my very breath of life.

“Charan Kamal hirday urh dharee; man tan dhan Gur pran adharee.”

My life is prosperous, fruitful and approved; I know the Guru, the Supreme Lord God is near to me.

“Safall janam hovey parvaan; Gur (Shabad) Parbrahm nikatt kar jaan.”

By great fortune I have found the dust of the Feet of the Saints (to be able to sit in humility in holy company); Nanak says by meeting the Guru (Shabad), my consciousness is lovingly attached to God.

“Sant dhur paiyeh vadbhagee; Nanak Gur bhetatt Har sio livv lagee.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Gauree