SGGS Angg 941.

Raag Ramkali M.1 – Sidh Gosht.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji met many sadhus and jogis during the Udasis. Guru Ji met many sidhs too. These were very accomplished jogis who had acquired all kinds of ridhi sidhis and used these powers to enrich themselves. Such sidhs looked down upon the general populace with contempt and kept to themselves.

In Sidh Gosht, Guru Ji dispels many rituals and practices of the sidhs. Guru Ji stresses that one should rely only upon Naam recited in the Sharan of a Satguru and go deep inwards to Unite with the Divine in our own body and mind. Such a person is called a gurmukh.

In Sidh Gosht Bani from Angg 938 – 946, Guru Ji uses the word “gurmukh” 92 times. Guru Ji emphasises the conduct of a gurmukh in many passages.

In this passage, (pada 27 of Sidh Gosht), Guru Ji tells us of some attributes and conduct of a blessed gurmukh.

The gurmukh enshrines fear of the Lord within himself (i.e the gurmukh lives life ensuring he does not breach God’s Hukam); through the Guru’s Bani, the gurmukh sculptures the rough, unrefined mind.

“Gurmukh Sache ka bhao paavhe; Gurmukh Bani agharh gharhaavhe.”

The gurmukh sings the Immaculate (Pure) Praises of the Lord; the gurmukh rises to the supreme, sanctified status.

“Gurmukh nirmal Har gunn gaavhe; Gurmukh pavitar Param Padh paavhe.”

(He gets so immersed in loving prayer to God), every follicle (pore) on the body of the gurmukh meditates upon the Lord; Nanak says, the gurmukh merges into the Truth (the True One).

“Gurmukh romh romh Har dhiiavhe; Nanak gurmukh Sach samaavhe.”

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