SGGS Angg 73-74

Sri Raag M.5.

This Shabad is quite long and has 21 padas. Th is the concluding padas, 17-21.

A Sikh who has been blessed with love for Gurbani, and has received deep insight and enlightenment by Gur Parsad, recounts his experiences.

I am a wrestler (in this world arena). I belong to the Lord; I met with the Guru who gifted me with a tall, plumed turban (a sign of victory and honor); all have gathered at the arena, and the Merciful Lord is Seated Himself, beholding all that takes place.

“Hao Gosain da pehlwanrha; mai Gur mil uchh dumalrha; sabh hoyee chinjh ekathieya Dyo betha vekhay Aap Jio.”

The bugles play, and the drums beat; the wrestlers descend into the arena and circle around; I have pushed the five strong challengers (five vikaars) to the ground, and the Guru patted me on the back.

“Vaat vajjan dhamak bheriyaan; malh lathe lende feriyaan; nihte panj juwaan mai Gur thapee ditee kandh jio.”

All came through the same path (through the mother’s womb); but we shall return (death) by different routes; the gurmukhs reap their profits and leave, while the manmukhs lose all their investment (human life), and depart.

“Sabh ekathey hoye aaya; ghar jassan vaat vataeiya; gurmukh laha leh gaye manmukh chale mool gavaye jio.”

Lord, You are without color or mark (Formless); (yet), You are seen Manifest and Present; hearing Your Glories again and again, Your Saints meditate upon You. They are coloured with Your Love, O Treasure of Excellences.

“Tu varna chihna bahraa; Har dissay hajar jahraa; sun sun Tujhe dhiaayde Tere Bhagat ratey Guntaas Jio.”

Age after age, I am a servant of the Lord; the Guru has cut my bonds; I shall never have to dance in the wrestling arena of life again (be born again), Nanak says I have been blessed to find my life’s purpose.

“Mai jugh jugh Daye sevrhre; Gur katti maidee jevrhee; hao bahurh chinjh na nachau ausar ladha bhaal jio.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Sabh ekathey hoye aaya; ghar jassan vaat vataeiya; gurmukh laha leh gaye manmukh chale mool gavaye jio.

Sidh Gosht is Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s bani starting from SGGS Ang 938. It is a very mystical bani where it involves dialogues between Guru Ji, sidhs and yogi’s. Veechar by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji at Kelana Jaya on Monday, 06 October 2014

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Sidh Gosht