SGGS Angg 878.

Raag Ramkali M.1

A Sikh has become aware of his weaknesses and faults. He recognizes his mistakes, and pleads with the Guru (Shabad) to save him.

My (body) boat, filled with sin is wobbly and unsteady I hope the winds do not seize it, and capsize it; with my face towards my Guru (i.e. I am receptive of my Guru’s Teachings), I have come to the Place where I can surely be saved.

“Ham dolatt berhi paap bhari hai pavan lagge matt jaayi; sanmukh Sidh bhetan ko aaye nichao deh vadiaaiye.”

O All Capable Guru, please ferry me across; bless me with loving devotion to the Perfect, Imperishable Lord. I am eternally grateful to You.

“Gur taar Taaranhariya; deh bhagat Puran Abhinasi hao Tujh ko balihariya.” (rahao).

The Siddhas, the Seekers, the Yogis and hermits who focus their prayers on the One Lord; if they receive His Word (Bani), they are emancipated by touching the Feet of the Lord Master.

“Sidh sadak jogi aur jangam Eik Sidh jinni dhiaaeya; parsat pair sijjat te Suami Akhar jin ko aaya.”

I know not about charity, meditation, self discipline, or rituals I rely only upon recital of Your Name; Nanak has met the Guru, the Lord Himself. Through the True Shabad all my affairs have been resolved.

“Jap tapp sanjam karam na jaana Naam japi Prabh Tera; Gur Parmeswar Nanak bhetiyo Sache Shabad nibhera.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Ramkali