SGGS Angg 695.

Raag Dhanaasree – Bhagat Dhanna Ji.

Bhagat Ji speaks to God. Lord, I know that You settle all the needs and affairs of those humble ones who worship You. Please bless me with these Gifts. The Bhagat asks not only for bare necessities, but some articles of comfort. He is the Great Giver and can provide anything. The plea must be to Him and not to others, and the request should not be based on greed.

Bhagat Ji uses the word “aarta.” Some have interpreted the word as male gender for aarti.
With respect, that is wrong. The root of the word is “aarat,” a beggar, a supplicant. As the flow of the Shabad shows, Bhagat Ji pleads for various things.

I am Your supplicant; I know that You resolve all affairs of those humble ones who adore and worship You.

“Gopal Tera aartaa; jo jann Tumri bhagat karante tin ke kaaj sawartaa.” (Rahao).

I ask for lentils, flour and ghee; these will bring joy to me daily.

“Daal sidha maango ghio; hamraa khushi kare nit jio.”

I also request for shoes, and fine clothes, along with grain of seven kinds.

“Paniha shadan nika; anaaj mango sat see ka.”

I ask also for a milk cow, and a water buffalo; and a fine Turkish mare.

“Gauu bhaess maango laveri; ek tajjan turi changeri.”

A good wife to care for my home; Your humble servant Dhanna begs these from You.

“Ghar ki geehan changi; jann Dhanna leveh manggi.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Dhanaasree