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Raag Raamkali Bhagat Kabir Ji.

A Sikh takes a deep look at himself. He is ashamed with what he sees, and cries out in shame and regret to God.

He starts by saying look at what You created me for, and put me into this world, and what rewards I have achieved in this life?; God, You are the Boat to ferry me across this terrifying world ocean. You fulfill all my mind’s desires, yet I have not centered my mind upon You, even for an instant.

“Kavan kaaj sirjey jag bhitar janam kavan falh paaya; Bhav Nidh Taran Taaran Chintaman ek nimakh na eh man laaya.”

God, I am such a sinner; You, who gave me body and soul, I did not not show any gratitude, nor do Your loving devotional worship.

“Gobind ham aiseh apradhee; jin Prabh jio pind thaa diya Tis ki bhao bhagat nahi sadhee.”(rahao).

(Instead), I have not given up coveting wealth of others, bodies of others, slander of others, nor have I given up squabbling with others; (as a result), I end up in coming and going in reincarnation again and again. This (sad) story never comes to an end.

“Par dhan par tannpar ti nindaa par apbaad na chutey; aava gavan hoth hai fonh fonh eh parsang na tuttay.”

I have never visited that house (sadhsangat), where the Saints speak of the Lord, even for an instant; my company is among the debased debauchers, drunkards, thieves and evil doers. I continually dwell amongst them.

“Jeh ghar katha hoth Har Santan teh eik nimakh na kinno mai fera; lampat chor doot matvarey tin sang sada basera.”

Lust, anger, envy and the intoxication of maya, these are what I have been collecting within myself; compassion, righteousness and sewa to my Guru, I have not practised these, even in my dreams.

“Kaam krodh maya madh matsar eh sampeh mo mahi; dya dharam aur Gur ki sewa eh supanantar nahi.”

O Lord, Merciful to the lowly, Compassionate and Benevolent, Lover of Your Saints, Destroyer of fear; says Kabir, please protect Your humble servant from all pain , I shall engage in service only to You.

“Deen Dyal Kirpaal Damodar Bhagat Bashal Bhey Haree; kahat Kabir pirh jan rakho Har sewa karo Tumaree.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Raamkali