SGGS Ang 1208

Shabad from Raag Sarangh (Sarang).

After getting wisdom from Shabad Guru Ji, the Sikh speaks to his mann.

The mann is very mercurial. Very chanchal. Cannot sit still. It comes under control only…

“Mann bass aave Nanka je puran kirpa hoye” (Ang 298).

Not just kirpa. “Puran kirpa.” Perfect complete grace.

In many Shabads the mann is scolded.

“Eh manna lobhi lobh lobhana ” (Ang 1172).

“Eh man chanchala chatrayee kinne na paaya”(Ang 917)

Sometimes the mann is cajoled.

“Eh mann pyare tu sada sach samaley”(Ang 917).

“Sunn mann mitar pyarea” (Ang 20).

In the Shabad Kirtan, the mann is scolded by the Sikh.

“Eh mann kaha lobhaiye aan ko”

(Oh my mind: why are you lured away by others i.e. by maya).

In the rahao the mann is told.

(Here and hereafter only the Lord is your Helper and Support; He will help you succeed)

“Eet oot prabh sada sahayee jee sang tere kaam ko”

The mann is told it must drink in Amrit Naam of the Beloved Lord; only Naam will give True satisfaction.

“Amrit naam pria preet manohar eihey aghaavan paan ko”

The eternal form of the Lord (Shabad), is found in sadhsanggat; focus yourself in that sublime place.

“Akal murat hai sadh santan kee; thahar nikee dhyan ko”

Bani is the greatest Mantra of the wise ones (saints); Bani will erode away all your pride.

“Bani mantar maha purkhan kee; manneh utaaran maan ko”

The Guru concludes by saying

(I have found the Home of peace and bliss in the Name of the Lord).

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Sarangh