SGGS Angg 499 and 532

Raag Gujri M.5 and Raag Devgandhaaree

This Shabad is also repeated in Raag Devgandhaaree at Angg 532 with minor variations.

For example, in Raag Gujri it is

“Mil Var nari mangal gaaya Thakur ka jaikaar”, while in Raag Devgandhaaree it is
“Var nari mil mangal gaaya Thakur ka jaikaar”

The meaning remains the same but taking the nuances of the Raag into account the Devgandhari Raag is more pithy and robust. Raag Gauri is stern, but soothing.

The Shabad is expressed by a Sikh. He is in shukrana as the Lord has been Merciful to him.

“Thakur hoye aap dyaal”.

In His Mercy, the Sikh says he has received emancipation – kalyaan, as a result of which he has become the very embodiment of bliss. The child has been saved by the Lord. ” ubrey baal Gopal”

The rest of the Shabad expands on the theme of prayer and gratitude.

In Raag Gujri:

A Sikh who has been saved from all difficulties recounts his journey and sings in gratitude.

Firstly, he did ardas and meditated upon the Lord.

“Doye kar jorh kari benanti Thakur apna dhiaaeya”

The Lord was Gracious. Giving me Protection with His Hands the Transcendent Lord saved me and erased all my sins.

“Haath de rakhe Parmeshar sagla duratt mitaeya”

The Lord was Merciful.

“Thakur hoye aap dyaal”

I have been liberated and am now the very image of bliss. I am a child of the Lord who has carried me across.

“Bheyi kalyan anand roop hoyi hai ubray baal Gopal” (Rahao).

My bride soul has met her Husband Lord and sings of His Glory.

“Mil Var nari mangal gaaya Thakur ka jaikaar”

Nanak is eternally grateful to the Guru who has saved all.

“Kaho Nanak tis Gur balihari jin sabh ka kiya udhaar”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Gujri and Raag Devgandhaaree