SGGS Angg 322.

Raag Gauree – Slok M.5 from Gauri Ki Vaar M.5.

Guru Ji gives advice to all Sikhs to be steadfast with Naam, and not to ever waver from this path.

To obtain the Infinite state (avastha), meditate upon the One Lord; there is no other place where one can find comfort.

” jiwan padh Nirbaan Eko simriye; dujji nahi jaaye kin bidh dhiriye.”

I have seen the whole world – there is no peace without Naam; some rare ones realise that body and wealth shall return to dust.

“Ditha sabh sansaar sukh na Naam bin; tann dhan hosi shaar jaane koyee jan.”

Pleasures, beauty tastes and conflicts are useless, why do you concern yourself with them?; those who are misled by the Lord, do not realise His awesome power.

“Rang roop rass baad ke kare praaniya; jis bhulaye Aap Tis kalh nahi jaaniya.”

Those who are coloured with love for the True Infinite One, sing His Praises; Nanak says, If it Pleases You, they take Your Sanctuary.

“Rang rattey Nirbaan Sacha gaavhi; Nanak Sharan Dwar je Tudh bhaavhi.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Gauree