SGGS Angg 958.

Raag Ramkali – Slok M.5 from Ramkali Ki Vaar M.5

Ramkali Ki Vaar M.5 has 22 pauris. The central theme of this Vaar is love for the One Divine. Guru Ji traces many aspects of this love, which flows from Naam, and with the Grace of the Satguru, this love leads to Union with God.

There are 2 Sloks before pauri no.4 of this Vaar. The 1st Slok tells us about the blessed musical measures which are used to sing Praises of God and the blessed gurmukhs who recite His Name.

“Dhan so raag sorangrhe alaapat sabh tikh jaaye; dhan so jantt suhavrhe jo gurmukh japde Naao.”

The 2nd Slok tells us of the blessed moment (time) when Darshan is given by the Satguru, there is Union with God and all wishes are fulfilled.

Blessed is that time, that hour, that second, and blessed is that instant; blessed is that day when one gazes upon the Blessed Vision of the Guru.

“Dhan so vela ghari dhan dhan murat palh saar; dhan so dinass sanjogrha jit ditha Gur Darsaar.”

The mind’s desires are fulfilled when the Inaccessible Unfathomable Lord is obtained; egotism and emotional attachment (to all aspects of maya) are broken, and the One True Name (Attributes of God) is the only Support; Nanak says, that humble servant who is committed to the Lord’s service, saves himself, and the whole world.

“Mann kiya icha pooriyan Har paaiya Aggam Apaar; haumai tutta mohrha Eik Sach Naam adhaar; jann Nanak lagga sev Har udhreya saggal sansaar.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Ramkali