SGGS Angg 331

Raag Gauree Bhagat Kabir Ji.

Our bodies are gross. God is Infinitely Subtle. When enlightenment dawns upon you with Gur Parsad, the gross body goes through rather startling experiences. It is as if a storm has broken loose within. As it is a Divine experience granted in His Grace, it is not harmful at all, but rather startling all the same. Bhagat Ji describes such an experience.

Look brothers, the Storm of Spiritual Wisdom (Enlightenment), has come; all the thatched huts of doubt (misconceptions), have been blown away, and the bonds of maya have been torn apart.

“Dekho bhai gyaan ki ayee andhee; sabhe udanee bhram ki tattee rahe na maya bandhee.” (rahao).

It is as if the entire house (of ignorance), has been torn apart.

The twin pillars of delusion (double mindedness, indecision – there is full faith now) have crumbled, and the beams of emotional attachment have come crashing down; the thatched (woven) roof of greed has caved in, and the pitcher of evil mindedness has broken.

“Dochitay ki doye thoon giranee moh baledha toota; tisna shaan bhari dhar upar durmatt bhanda futaa.”

Your servant is drenched with the Rain (Amrit Naam), that has poured in this Storm; Kabir says, my mind has been Enlightened, and I see the Sun rise within me.

“Aandhee pache jo jall barkhe teh Tera jann bheena; kahe Kabir mann bheya pargasaa udhay bhaan jab cheena.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Gauree