SGGS Angg 1147.

Raag Bhairo M.5

A Sikh speaks reverently about his tek – single minded focus and Support of God.
We are tested in many ways daily. In a challenging situation, do you quietly say to yourself – “its OK, God will get me out of this,” or do you immediately think of your contacts or your resources which will help you out of that difficulty. If each time your inner resolve is that you have full faith God will solve your difficulties, your tek is indeed on God.

The Sikh says, with Your Support, I survive in these miserable times; with my focus on You, I sing Your Praises; with Your Support, death cannot touch me; with Your Support, my entanglements vanish.

“Teri tek raha kal mahe; Teri tek Tere gunn gaaye; Teri tek na pohay kaal; Teri tek binsay janjaal.”

In this world and hereafter, You are my only Support; O Lord Master, You are One and All Pervading.

“Deen duniya Teri tek; sabh me raviya Sahib Ek.” (rahao).

With Your Support I enjoy bliss; in Your Support, I recite the Guru’s Mantra (Shabad); with Your Support, I cross the terrifying world ocean; the Perfect Lord, the Ocean of Peace is my Protector.

“Teri tek karo anand; Teri tek japho Gur Mantt; Teri tek tariye bhao saagar; Rakhanhaar Pura Sukh Saagar.”

With Your Support, I have no fears; the Lord is Eternal and the Inner Knower of hearts; with Your Support, my mind is filled with Power; here and hereafter You hold Court (dispense Perfect Justice).

“Teri tek nahi bhao koye; Antarjami Sacha soye; Teri tek Tera mann taan; eiha ooha Tu Dibaan.”

You are my Support and I place my faith in You; all meditate upon You, Lord, Treasure of all Virtue; continually reciting Your Name, Your slaves abide in bliss; Nanak meditates upon the Treasure of all Merits.

“Teri tek Tera bharvasa; saggal dhiave Prabh gunntasaa; jap jap anand kare Tere daasa; simar Nanak Sache gunntassa.”‎

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Bhairo